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Saturday, June 04, 2005


Today I cast my Bridesmaids for my new WIP. The way this idea came to me was a saw in my minds eye a scene playing out like a movie of a bunch of drunk bridemaids. I think this idea, in the right hands , could make a kick ass screenplay.
Think Three Weddings and a Funeral meets Steel magnolias.
But since I know nothing about writing screenplays and I need to work on devolping my novel writing skills I will try tomake it into a chick lit book.
I picked four tv and movie actresses to picture as my characters. I have never done that before when trying to write a novel but I have also never tried to write chick lit that makes readers, hopefully, LOL.
The chosen actresses:
Katie Holmes- she is the idealist one in the group
Gabrielle Union- she is career focused. Dry sense of humor. the most independent and seemingly least interested in marriage.
Renee Zellewager- my favorite actress ! This character is southern, flirty and maybe even a little ditzy.
Angelina Jolie this is the bitch of the group, the one that is most on the outside looking in.
These actresses ages vary too much to ever be right for a actual movie of best friends who are all the same age but each embodies the spirit of my character.
I am working on characters name and when I am sure of the ones I want I will make sure to post them.


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