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Monday, August 01, 2005

Slow Crawl

I only wrote three pages last week. After being sick for over a week before that I fell out of sync with J.S., the herione in Pisces Rising. Since I am writing in first person I need to be hearing and feeling her to write. I have to carve out some time to sit down and get back into my story. Also my computer was down the first three weeks of July and I found since I wasn't playing on the net I had plenty of time to write. Now I need to either ignore the net at home or head off to the library to write.

Tv shows I got hooked on this summer-
The First 48- -It inspired me when I was working on Come Back to Me
Dancing with the Stars- I was rooting for Kelly Monaco since I am a ABC soap fan. The next edition should not have a soap star because he or she will win again. Soap fans are dedicated to supporting their favorites.
Hooking Up- Where in the world did they find so many unlikable or flat out crazy people ? I wanted to like the girl from Iowa because I am from Indiana, in a bid for midwesterners sticking together, but she is too loopy for me to root for.


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