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Monday, May 26, 2014


It's been years since I've used this blog. A quick update on my fiction writing journey:

I've been writing fanfiction since 2006 and had some great success with it. Not only has my fiction been read worldwide but I've won awards. I've written over 200 stories, varying from short stories to epic length (over 100 chapters at 1000 or more words per chapter).

Writing fanfiction has taught me an immense amount about putting together a compelling story.

For the last couple of years my fanfiction writing has petered down to almost nothing. I have been pulling myself out of the depths of depression and trying to focus on fixing my life. Read about that journey here

My goal is still to publish original fiction one day. I've decided not to write strictly romance but to write ensemble stories instead- similar to A Day Late and a Dollar Short by Terry McMillian.

It's been a life long journey to find my writing identity and to grow into the writer I want to be. I'm not there yet but I've learned a lot. I still have a lot to learn, though.


  • At 4/24/2015 05:33:00 AM, Anonymous Accountants Lady said…

    I feel as if a lot of people think of fan fiction as somehow a lesser genre, but I don't think that's necessarily helpful, as it's ultimately how a lot of people express themselves!


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