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Sunday, March 20, 2005

A new track

I am on the last scene in Chapter three now. There are three scenes in this chapter. I am at the point where the story firmly diverges from the previous draft.

In draft one when Allie leaves the hospital spencer takes her back to his place. There is one good scene where the villan leaves a disturbing message, a knife stuck in a picture of spencers face on the dining room table. But after that the story went into dullville.

In Draft two, what I am working on now, allie and spencer instead are almost blown up when spencers SUV explodes. Then they head off to find a gun to protect themselves from the villan. I think this version is a lot more interesting. I may still take them back to his place and throw in the previously described scene where they realize the villan has been inside the apartment. Then I will get them right back out of there again and on the run. In Draft one I had them stay there and sleep together.


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