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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Too many POVs?

In chapter one of Come Back to Me I am worried about if I change points of view too many times. There are four scene breaks. The first scene is Spencers POV. It has to start with him because Allie is unconscious. Line Break and it switches Allie waking up. Spencer is in the room with her but the scene is her point of view. Then Spencer walks out of the room. When he comes back it there is a line break and it goes to his point of view. He has a flashback while staring at Allie , who is pretending to be asleep. Then there is a line break and it goes to her point of view. She admits she is awake. They have a talk and then the chapter is over. I am thinking I should try to stick to one half of a chapter in Spencers point of view and
one half in allies but I don't know if that is right either.


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