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Friday, July 22, 2005

Bizarre musings from a overmedicated head

Yuck! I have been sick since last Sunday. I have only written a few pages this week. It's frustrated me to be away from my novel. I feel like a nervous girlfriend who hasn't seen her guy in a week thinking " Are we growing apart?" "Will it be as good as it was when we are back together?" I have come up with some ideas for a sequel to Pisces Rising. The main reason is I want to write more about her relationship with her family but that is not a huge part of Pisces Rising. We will see if I can get PR done though before I really put much more thought into another book about this heroine.
I am now reading a book called Immediate Fiction.
I am also reading a Red Dress Ink novel called Tales of a Drama Queen- by Lee Nichols. It's the funniest chick lit book I have read in a while.


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