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Friday, July 22, 2005

So many characters

So many characters are in my mind right now. Today two more spoke up and I had to stop and write a scene for them before I could go grocery shopping. This new herione is a Chick lit girl but not at all like J.S. , the initials of my heroine from Pisces Rising. The only thing I know about the new heroine, she is still unnamed, is she is a control freak workaholic type. I have no clue when or if I may write her story. I still have Allie and Spencer from Come Back to Me
on hold, and Natalia and Jackson are still vivid in my mind from novel I would like to write about them. Plus I am firmly focused on Pisces Rising for the forseeable future. So unnamed heroine is at the bottom of the list unless she starts screaming for attention.

My favorite song this week- This is how a heart breaks by Rob Thomas


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