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Saturday, May 06, 2006

First Novel Phobia

Everytime I get close to finishing a novel I seem to freeze up and not be able to get to those two magical words THE END. I think I have a phobia of finishing one because I will have to hold it up and show the world my creation. Since I started this blog I have made significant progress on three projects, even though I started maybe 20 others but they never got very far. Tripping Over Myself- my NaNoWriMo 2005 project- mainstream fiction. The story of Jasper Patterson a slacker 19 year old looking for happiness without much luck..
Come Back to Me- my first attempt to write a Harlequin Suspense. The story of Allie, a woman who was stalked across the country for five years after a man obsessed with her killed her aunt and uncle. Allie finds her soulmate in Spencer but will her stalker let her live long enough to have her happily ever after?
Pisces Rising - my first attempt at Chick Lit. Jenna loses her job and her boyfriend, both of which weren’t anything to write home about to begin with, then loses her car and the roof over her head. But with everything she ever had gone she finds the chance to get everything she ever wanted.


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