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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Meet Kelley Vitollo

Longing for a little spice during this sweet holiday season?

Then check out Studs R Us, a short story anthology available for free download at

Kelley Vitollo is an up and coming romance writer.

She wowed fans with her first published piece, Dream Man (available at Forbidden In it she brought her characters fantasies to life and made a few new ones for her readers, I'm sure.

Now she's back with a new tale called Stargazer Lillies. It will be part of the Studs R Us anthology.

Kelley joined together with 10 other authors to create an e-book full of erotic short stories that sizzle with enough heat to keep you warm, even when the temperature dips way below freezing.

So click on over to her official author website

or for a more intimate peek into the mind of this talented woman visit her blog

  • Heartfelt

  • Read all the stories in the Studs R Us anthology and you won't have to ask Santa to bring you an electric blanket this year. You'll already be steaming hot.

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