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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Read this site for details on what this meme is all about
Thinking Blogger Award

The Top Five Blogs That Make Me Think

1. Fiction Scribe-

If you are like me and have a half finished novel that you are trying to sculpt into something decent that might even make sense one day, then you need to read her column. For every writer and hopeful, she has down-to-earth advice that you can take to the bank, or typewriter as the case may be. Just read her! You will not be sorry.

2. Wandering Author- Recently this blogger began a project of putting together an anthology of short stories where all the proceeds raised from the sale of the book would go to charity. He wanted to help the life of one small boy who needed access to doctors and therapists. When I read about that it awed me. It's an amazing task to take on and, also, quite possible if all the bloggers who are writers pitch in and help. We could make a difference in the world by making the difference in one child's life.

3.DBA Lehane- No one does short, short fiction better than this man. The first time I read one of his stories he inspired the best compliment I can give another writer, "Damn, I wish I wrote that."

4.Susan Abraham- this blog has a real international vibe in it to me. The writer is a traveler and when you read her you feel like your world is opening and you are seeing other countries and other cultures through her eyes. She gives a wealth of information and support, plus shares her own struggles and her personal journey which inspires me to keep pressing forward for my dream.

5.Operation Poem- this blog opened my eyes to the power of my words, and to what one small website can accomplish. The goal of the blog is to write a poem for each American service person killed in the war. Can you imagine your words being used for something so remarkable?

Our words can open and close doors and hearts. These bloggers know that and they have made my life only the richer for having found their blogs.

A big thanks to Wandering Author for naming me to his list. Check out the rest of his choices here


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