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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well this is the last post before NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo ( both of which I have no idea how I am going to handle keeping up with!).

Three Word Wednesday words-


Rock Bottom- Part Two by Sara

After spending the last few nights sleeping on the streets of the Windy city, it feels like all the dirt in Chicago got together and took up residence on my skin. When you are curled up, wearing all the clothes you own, and keeping warm by a trash can fire, it don’t matter if you used to be a junior level executive at one of the cities premier financial institutions- you are a bum, plain and simple, like the one sleeping on the right and left of you.

I told Thomas I would only crash at his place for the weekend but, after being here five minutes, I already am starting to feel more human and less savage, and I can't imagine leaving in two days. He can't send me back out there again.

He’s my brother. He owes me.

So I start to take from him- like a vulture- a shower, a shave, my clothes get washed, my stomach filled with all the bread and lunch meat in the fridge. Thomas is still holed up in his spare room, where he said he’s on the net. Probably gambling. He’s always had a problem with that. My mother used to tell him to shape up and “Act more like, Eric.” We buried her a few years back. I don’t think I could stand to look her in the eyes if she was alive today.

While my clothes are in the dryer, I head into the bedroom to see if Thomas has a robe I can borrow. But, like everything else in my life since Angie threw me out, that plan don’t quite work out like I expected.

I trip over his size twelve Nikes, stumble for a few steps while I try to stay upright, and then take a header into the corner of his wooden bed frame. I land on the floor with a thud, my forehead bleeding, and stars dancing before my eyes. The phone and three books from his night stand managed to fall on top of me. Pushing them off, I start to haul myself upright, when, out of the corner of my eyes I see green. Money green.

Jerking my whole head to the side so I can look under the bed I see a black bag that’s zipper is slightly open. It is filled to the brim with cash. My hands are on it before I can complete a thought.

If I took just a handful of this, I could get a place to stay, some suits, new copies of my resume. I could be back on my feet again.

If I take it all.......

He’s my brother. He owes me.


Note- I am thinking about keeping this going. Maybe writing from Thomas POV next.


  • At 10/31/2007 10:35:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Love the first paragraph

    Do we owe anybody anything? Do siblings owe each other?
    I'm always trying to figure out the true answer to that question

  • At 10/31/2007 10:38:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am asking myself the same question for a while now. Do I owe my siblings? If I do how and why?

  • At 10/31/2007 10:55:00 AM, Blogger poefusion said…

    If Thomas has a gambling problem I have to wonder if that money isn't supposed to pay someone off. If Eric takes the money and gets back on his feet won't he feel bad when he finds out where that money was supposed to go? Really good story. Keep up the good work.

    Have a nice day.

  • At 10/31/2007 10:57:00 AM, Blogger RomanceWriter said…

    If Eric takes the money, Michelle, he could really put Thomas in a bad spot, I agree. The question is:

    Is Eric desperate enough to not care?

    Thanks for reading!

  • At 10/31/2007 11:16:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh I am loving this tale so far. Cant wait to see Thomas's POV. He owes his brother nothing!Expectations for selfish purposes are just that, selfish!!

  • At 10/31/2007 01:48:00 PM, Blogger charles said…

    WOW!! Quite a powerful 3WW -

    Making us all think about what and who we may owe!!


  • At 10/31/2007 01:55:00 PM, Blogger Truefaith1963 said…

    This is a great story - please do keep it going!

  • At 10/31/2007 02:52:00 PM, Blogger Shephard said…

    I'm wondering what other desperation will follow. :)
    Fun read.

  • At 10/31/2007 02:56:00 PM, Blogger paisley said…

    oh yes!!! girl just keep it commin'!!!!!

  • At 10/31/2007 04:21:00 PM, Blogger Tumblewords: said…

    For sure, keep it going! I like it more all the time. The characters are growing real as real can be.
    Good luck with Nanowrimo- - I'm giving it another go, as well.

  • At 10/31/2007 06:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I would be so PISSED if one of my siblings did that to me!

    Can't wait for next week's installment.

  • At 10/31/2007 07:07:00 PM, Blogger actonbell said…

    it feels like all the dirt in Chicago got together and took up residence on my skin
    What a feeling--I'm there, and I hope you keep this one going!

  • At 11/01/2007 12:27:00 AM, Blogger Gay said…

    The implications are enormous... so many possibilities. Definitely keep going.

  • At 11/01/2007 10:39:00 AM, Blogger Ther said…

    Oh! I would think it would be the same thought that will cross most people's mind when presented with a bag of money. Take it! Take it! =) kidding.

  • At 11/01/2007 12:23:00 PM, Blogger Charlotta-love said…

    Oh, I like! Keep it going. :o)

  • At 11/01/2007 02:46:00 PM, Blogger Pen said…

    He's my brother... he owes me...

    This was very intriguing.

  • At 11/01/2007 07:15:00 PM, Blogger TC said…

    I too, would like to know what happens. Does he? Doesn't he? WHY does he think Thomas owes him? And what would Thomas think of that assessment?

  • At 11/02/2007 03:49:00 PM, Blogger Bone said…

    I don't think I could stand to look her in the eyes if she was alive today.

    What a sobering line that is. Sometimes I think much of what I do and don't do in my life is because I don't want to disappoint my parents.

  • At 11/08/2007 02:56:00 PM, Blogger Adrian Swift said…

    Again, hard-hitting, provocative!


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