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Friday, July 15, 2005


I have some concerns about what category my novel might fit in. I am calling it Chick lit. But honestly I have never read a novel like what I am writing. The closest thing I have read to it would be The Broke Diaries, which I LOVED LOVED LOVED. Is that considered Chick lit?
Why I don't know if Pisces Rising is Chick lit:
1. Not set in London or New York. My character works in Chicago but lives in a nearby town.
2. She isn't into fashion.
3. She does not have a good job or exciting life. Her job sucks and her boyfriend is a loser. That is the point of the novel to get her into a better life.
The book is not straight romance because the romantic elements don't start until near the end of the book.
I was trying to write a Harlequin Intrigue novel because I do read them, enjoy them and had some ideas that I thought might work in that type of book. Also I liked that I could get a general idea of what the publisher expected by reading them and could submit unangented. Now that I am trying to write a single title novel I feel like I have no idea where I should try send it when it is done.
I am thinking it might fit the Red Dress Ink line but I have my doubts.

What I am reading-Step Ball Change by Jeanne Ray


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