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Friday, July 15, 2005

Last scene

I have written the end of Pisces Rising but the novel is not done. I have about a third of it done. I had a idea for a scene I wanted to do so I wrote it and that lead me to the last scene in the book. Now I am nervous because I know the ending and most of the twists, turns and secrets have been reveled to me. So now I fear I will lose interest in the story. God, I hope not.

Song Lyrics of the day-
When we all walk hand in hand,
When the last child
cries for a crust of bread,
When the last man dies
for just words that he said,
When there's shelter over
the poorest head,
Then we shall be free !
When the last thing we notice
is the color of skin,
And the first thing we look for
is the beauty within,
When the skies and the oceans
are clean again ,
Then we shall be free !

Garth Brooks


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