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Friday, February 15, 2008

New prompt

Each month my writer's group has a prompt to inspire a short story. For this month it is:

I ask you to pick one of the following character sketches and write a short story based on this person meeting their future spouse.

Mateo Sanchez - former professional baseball player who was thrown out of the league when it was discovered he intentionally caused errors in games because he was betting against his own team.

Savannah Marjorie Patterson- this southern belle was beautiful enough to be in pageants but she never had the money to compete. That doesn't stop her from pretending she comes from the upper crust or looking for a man who can make her dreams of being a socialite come true.

Walter Lukinski- this senior citizen knows the days on his life clock are ticking down. Still he isn't done living yet. He yearns for one more big adventure or love affair, something to feel like he is alive.

Emily Keats- she never expected to become a single mom, to sleep alone every night, to miss the feeling of a man's arms around her. Life took her down a road that has left her feeling nothing but lost.

Chandra Roberts- it's the night before she is shipped out to Iraq and her friends take her to a bar to get drunk.

Jonah Knight- he has a newborn baby to care for but no wife or girlfriend.


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