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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

CBTM Chapter 5 Done

Even though in my personal life today was a crappy day I did manage to nearly finish chapter 5. So far it is a little over 3000 words when I was hoping for 4000. But a chapter must end at the logical conclusion, not at a certian number of words. I still plan to flesh out the chapter a little more. And maybe add a little drama to the very end- like he stalker coming after them.
Chapter one was a dramatic page turner imo.
Chapter two allie and spencer were apart the whole chapter. It had to be done though. She was recovering in the hospital and they weren't on good enough terms for him to hang out at her bedside. He thought of her every second in his part of chapter two and she thought of him and her stalker in her part.
Chapter three was exciting again. They get back together and their is a explosion and a gun and a kiss. All good stuff for a romantic suspense novel.
Chapter four was used to move the story along and set up the next act.
Chapter five was slow again. Talking mostly and planning, another kiss. So now I need to kick everything up a notch. what horrible event should I throw at spencer and allie now?


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  • At 10/19/2005 01:27:00 PM, Blogger RomanceWriter said…

    I lost most of this story when my hard drive crashed so I am not sure if I will ever go back and finish it.

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