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Saturday, September 10, 2005


I have a theory that certain things make you feel like a full fledged adult.
1. If your parent(s) die.
2. If you become a parent.
Well neither of those things have happened to me and I, as the years passed, I didn't feel much different than I did at 18. So whenever someone comments on my getting older it never phases me. How can you be old in your twenties?
Then I got a phone call about my ten year high school reunion. After telling them "No way in hell will you see my face there." translated,in my nice fake phone voice to," No, I'm not interested in receiving information about the reunion." something clicked in me.
I knew it was coming up. ANd if I forgot my mother made sure to remind me, over and over. It's been ten years. It's time to grow up and quit the bullshit.
By the way, I am still not on speaking terms with J.S.- so no progress has been made on Pisces Rising.

What I am Reading- Leave Myself Behind by Bart Yates

Song Lyrics of the day-
now different is nice
but it sure isn't pretty
pretty is what it's about
I never met
anyone who was different
who couldn't figure that out
from a chorus line


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