I write to keep me sane. I write so that my words may outlive my life. I write to find redemption

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hanging on

Today I thought about starting over again. I looked at my two chapters and said" This is crap! Why bother?" While I admit it is not my best work it is an interesting little tale so far and there was no reason to give up on it. So I started Chapter three and wrote a couple hundred more words. Then I came up with the next twist in the story so I know a direction to head in. For me it is always I balancing act of deciding where to take the story but not plotting it all out at once. If I do that I completely lose interest.

Song Lyrics of the Day-
I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe
That not everything is gonna be the way

You think it ought to be
It seems like every time
I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly
you won't give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe
Sheryl Crow Song


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