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Sunday, November 06, 2005


As I feared my original idea for NaNoWriMo was going no where. Though I still think it is a strong idea, right now is not the tme for me to write it. So I sat down and wrote the first few pages of different ideas off the top of my head. One voice was particulary strong, Jasper Patterson, a 19 year old angry kid who tries to turn his life around by joining the military but acts out in one crucial moment and jeopardizies his whole future. So I switched to his story and have a couple of chapters written so far.
I am quite behind my 2,000 word a day goal but I plan to keep going untill the end of the month and see what I have to show for it.

Song Lyrics of the day
Today we took a walk up the street
and picked a flower and climbed the hill above the lake
and secret thoughts were said aloud
we watched the faces in the clouds
until the clouds had blown away
and were we ever somewhere else?
you know, it's hard to say
And I never saw blue like that before

across the sky, around the world
you're giving me all you have and more
and no one else has ever shown me how
to see the world the way I see it now
oh I, I never saw blue like that

Shawn Colvin song


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