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Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm on fire!

Now I have written 8, 721 words in July.
I have been squeezing in writing sessions every chance I get. There are only five more pages for me to write before I am done with my short story Come Back to Me.
At one time I intended to make it a novel targeted for submission to the Harliquin Intrigue line but will setlle for it being a short story.
This will mark my first completed short story. I'm excited about it!

Plus I am working on some fanfic, some story ideas that are meant to turn into novels and poetry. I am hopeful that one of the novel ideas that I have a few chapters on will become something I can stay committed to long enough to soon be saying "I finished my first novel." That would thrill me!
After a long winter of struggling to get some progress made toward improving my writing ( or even getting some words down on the page!) I am now stepping into the bright and glorious sunlight of a new day in my writing career.

Goodbye from you ever faithful aspiring writer,

Song Lyrics of the Day-
I thought,
like my Mom and her Momma before,
that I would die
where I was born.
Live a small town dream
in a big backyard,
raisin' babies and corn.
Now here I am,
one eye on the road,
Tryin' the read the map on the dash.
Nowhere close to makin' up my mind,
With a fork in the road comin' fast.

This ain't nothin' like
what I had in mind for me.
But then again,
the future
ain't what it used to be.

Megan Mullins song


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