I write to keep me sane. I write so that my words may outlive my life. I write to find redemption

Saturday, November 19, 2005


I have hit the halfway mark in Jasper's story. It still does not have an official title. The only one I have come up with so far is Losing the Loser. But I am not sure Jasper will shake his loser self image.
I wish I could write at this speed in my other projects. I have only been able to churn out the pages by writing what comes to mnd and not agonizing over if I am writing it the " right way". Jasper's story has plenty of passive writing and run on sentences but I could careless. I am proud to have written 25,000 words in half a month.
Song of the Day
This heart still believes
that love and mercy still exist
While all the hatred rage
and so many say
That love is all but pointless
in madness such as this
It's like trying to stop a fire
With the moisture from a kiss
And I hear them saying
you'll never change things
And no matter what you do
it's still the same thing
But it's not the world that I am changing
I do this so
this world will know
That it will not change me

Garth Brooks Song


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