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Sunday, March 12, 2006


When I started this blog I was leaning toward wanting to write for Harlequin. But I was never completely sure that was the type of material it would be best for me to write. I knew I enjoyed reading the Intrigue line so I thought that woud translate to also enjoying writing Intrigue stories. But I quickly learned that it would take me years to complete even one and be quite a struggle because I was trying to fit myself into parameters that I would not normally fit into. I was trying to figure out the rules to writing a Intrigue thinking that if I could stick to some guidelines it would make writig so much simpler. I was looking for a shortcut. There are none.
Now I still brainstorm all types of ideas from chick lit to mainstream but I find I am most drawn to writing about people down on thier luck. I don;t want to over analyze it too much or wonder if I will fit into some kid of niche or if my ideas are marketable. i just need to write and figure that out later. Ican not edit a blank page or an idea in my mind.
This dream of becoming a published author has to be built on more than daydreams and new year eve resolutions. It can only be grown through the hard work of putting down words on paper that make some sort of sense and can be edited , hopefully, into a novel at least I can enjoy reading.

Check out this blog of a fellow writing friend of mine -

Song of the day

31 candles on her birthday cake
Next year
Thought by now
she'd have a man
Two car seats
and a minivan
But it still ain't here .....
She's drawn a line
that she won't cross
Her and time
are facing off
She says
" Something's gotta give!"
"Something's gotta give me
Something's gotta make me
feel alive,
Something's gotta give me
dreams at night,
Something's gotta make me
feel alright.
I don't know where it is.
But something's gotta give!"

Leanne Rimes


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