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Friday, July 13, 2007

What is most important in a good book?

Saoirse posed that question at her blog. Click here to take her one question poll at the bottom of the page

For me I chose tension as the most important part of a novel. What I need when I read a novel is to first be engaged by the writer's voice. That is the main thing that will drag me in and keep me in a story. I honestly think that is why editors and readers alike know if a story works for them after one page of a novel, sometimes after only one line even. If the voice doesn't speak to you it is like trying to wade through cement to read it.

Once the writer has me hooked, as they say, I need a reason to stay in the game. I need to know the stakes, the goal, the conflict on every page after that. I don't want to lose the thrill and wonder "When does this story get good again? When does something happen?"

I get invested because of the tension.

If you have time take the poll
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I feel like I haven't posted here in ages. The novel, Nikolas and Simone, is still plodding along. I'm starting to think of the whole process as a relationship. I fell in love with the idea in November. It was a crazy time. Everything moved quickly. We spent morning, noon and night togther. No one else mattered.

Then came the holidays. The stress of the New Year. The frigid air that engulfs the Windy City. Things cooled off. We were on a break.

Sping ushered in a fresh wave of excitement. We found each other again. We dabbled around together, seeing if we were still a good fit.

By June we were having doubts. It's July now and I just about hate my novel. Nikolas and Simone are houseguests that stayed way too long. I want to move and not tell them my new address. LOL.

But we are in this together. I am taking them to the end of the line. I will be thrilled to have this novel done because I want to start dating again. I want a little fling before NaNoWriMo. Maybe a short story series or a novella. Something lighter, something I don't invest so much into.

But before I can run off with the poolboy I have to finish things up with the current relationship- Nikolas and Simone.