I write to keep me sane. I write so that my words may outlive my life. I write to find redemption

Monday, August 28, 2006

For Other Romance Writers

Avon is starting a online forum that will create a e-book one chapter at a time. By participating you could win prizes and have the chance to have your work viewed by publishers.

Find details here

Right now there is voting going on to see if the book will be in the genre of


I signed up but think I will only take part if the genre is suspense or contemporary. I have no idea how to write the other three. But the whole idea sounds interesting and a free version of this-

Song Lyrics of the Day

Her face is a map of the world
is a map of the world

You can see
she's a beautiful girl

She's a beautiful girl.....

Suddenly I see
this is what I wanna be

Suddenly I see
why the hell it means so much to me ...

I feel like walking the world
like walking the world

You can hear she's a beautiful girl
she's a beautiful girl

She fills up every corner
like she's born in black and white

Makes you feel warmer
when you're trying to remember what you heard

She likes to leave you hanging on a word

Suddenly I see
this is what I want to be

KT Tunstall

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where did I leave my flashlight?

I'm in the dark again about where to go next in my latest WIP. I hate when I hit walls like this. I write in a linear fashion. Only once have I gone against that method ( it did work but felt extremely odd to me).

Anyway, I wrote Eric into a boring corner in the story. I think the part I am writing now needs to be told to set up the rest of the tale. Yet something is off with what I have written. I have to fix it before I can concentrate on moving forward.
This WIP has me alternating between feeling thrilled because I think it is unique and will be a great showcase for my voice and feeling extreme frustrated because it is unlike anything I have written before.

But I am not giving up on Eric yet. If it takes me and him in a wrestling match to get him to tell him my story then so be it. I want to get this one out on paper.

Andre, the main character from another story, is still with me. Right now he is playing mute but I feel like one day I will find a way to tell his story.

So is your writing going well this week or not so much?

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Rules

I just finished reading two books. Ever After and, the sequel to it, Neva Hafta by Edwardo Jackson. Putting aside the things I liked or didn't about the books I did notice the author broke some of the Rules I try so hard to follow. For example, he had the main character growl a kiss at his date. And he used everything but said or asked on most of his dialouge tags.

For him it worked. For me I can't afford to do those kinds of things. So I am off to try and write not just as well as published writers but better. The idea that it takes being that good to succeed frustrates me but I am willing to give it my all to try and get to that point.

Off to write..........

Song Lyrics of the Day

So I'll stand
with arms high
and heart abandoned
In awe
of the One
who gave it all

So I'll stand
My soul Lord
to You surrendered

All I am is Yours

Hillsong lyrics

Monday, August 14, 2006

Speak it into existence

There is a theory that goes What You Speak You Make Your Reality. I think this can be true. Because if you say, " I am a loser. I'll never succeed." Then other people see you as what you have told the world you are.
When it comes to my writing, in the past, I had to overcome my own self doubts. I had this pesky self defeating voice in my head yelling " You are dreaming if you actually think you will ever publish anything! What a waste of time. Give up now while you still have time to do something else." and the worse thing it ever said was "People will laugh at you."

Thankfully, I have mostly silenced that internal critic. I consider that one more step I had to take on this writing journey. I had to believe it was possible to become a published writer.
Now I am taking a step in faith and saying, "My novel will one day be in bookstores. I will be proud of my published story. I will never stop writing."
If I can commit one hundred percent to those statements I don't think anything can stop me from seeing that become my reality.
But I can not whisper my intention. I must speak it loud. I must fight my own doubts and anyone in the world who tries to discourage me. I must scream for this dream.
This is a fight to the death and I intend to win.

Song Lyrics of the Day

Digging deep,
I feel my conscience burn.

I need to know who or what I am.

This hunger jolts me from complacency.

It rocks me
and makes me
meet myself.......

I've been everybody else

now I want to be something

closer to myself.

Kendall Payne

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Breaking through

The project I am most excited about right now is my story about Eric Moore, a man who goes to a summer writing workshop. I wanted so desperately to write Andre's story, still do, or Aged Out, about foster kids. Those stories have a completely different vibe than Eric Moore's tale though. They are serious where his is lighter, his struggle not nearly as life and death.

Right now I am engrossed in his journey so that is where all my attention goes. He is a character that starts the novel as a unpublished author looking for the secret to how to write a best sellar. I hope I can show him discovering, through the class he takes, that no one can give you 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C how-to steps to success in publishing. He starts out wanting to mimic the style of his favorite authors and not writing the story of his heart. As Eric grows as a writer in the story , I hope I can grow as a writer right along with him.

Song Lyrics of the Day
I got a hole in me now

I got a scar i can talk about

She keeps a picture of me
in her apartment in the city

Some things in this world
they don't make sense

Some things you don't need
until they
leave you

And they're things that you miss

Matchbox 20 lyrics

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hometown Girl

Where 30 meets 41

Where Route 30 meets 41,
a few miles down
the road,
collide into
where I am from-

a bedroom town
too confined to hold
an old soul with new age skin
like mine.

Slip back in time,
I longed to burst the seal
and be revealed
somewhere else, someone else.

But in this time
I am content to be the
broken mold, only-I-truly-know
that I have always been.

maybe when
fades to then

I’ll finally
run far into the night,

down the middle of

a two lane
highway that leads
right out of this
claustrophobic place,

and make a memory of

where 30 meets 41.