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Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Slice of Fiction

A meme from Susan, a talented writer and friend. Check out her blog at

Grab the book closest to you.
Open to page 123 and go down to the fifth sentence.
Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog.
Name the book and the author.

"I was just teasing you." He smiled.
I looked around.

That is from A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley.

Anyone else you wants to play along let me know and I will make sure to check out your post on your blog.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fic Blog

Ever heard of a fictional blog?

A member of my writing group has started one. It is a blog from the viewpoint of one of her characters.

Check it out at

My new favorite song

It's coming on Christmas
They're cutting down trees
They're putting up reindeer
and singing songs of joy and peace

Oh I wish I had a river I could skate away on

But it don't snow here
It stays pretty green
I'm going to make a lot of money
Then i'm going to quit this crazy scene

I wish I had a river I could skate away on....

I'm so hard to handle
I'm selfish and I'm sad

Now I've gone and lost the best baby
That I ever had

Oh I wish i had a river I could skate away on
I wish I had a river so long...

I wish i had a river I could skate away on

Joni Mitchell, latest version by Sarah McLachlan

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Meet Kelley Vitollo

Longing for a little spice during this sweet holiday season?

Then check out Studs R Us, a short story anthology available for free download at

Kelley Vitollo is an up and coming romance writer.

She wowed fans with her first published piece, Dream Man (available at Forbidden In it she brought her characters fantasies to life and made a few new ones for her readers, I'm sure.

Now she's back with a new tale called Stargazer Lillies. It will be part of the Studs R Us anthology.

Kelley joined together with 10 other authors to create an e-book full of erotic short stories that sizzle with enough heat to keep you warm, even when the temperature dips way below freezing.

So click on over to her official author website

or for a more intimate peek into the mind of this talented woman visit her blog

  • Heartfelt

  • Read all the stories in the Studs R Us anthology and you won't have to ask Santa to bring you an electric blanket this year. You'll already be steaming hot.

    Happy Reading,


    Saturday, December 16, 2006

    A Game of Tag- Holiday Style.

    Kilroy from the blog Fear and Loathing tagged me to fill out this meme.

    ...'Tis The Season
    Favorite seasonal movie? Jingle All the way. Though it is not a classic by any means it cracks me up everytime.

    Song you most enjoy this time of year? My top three favorites are
    Please Come Home for Christmas, the Bon Jovi version.
    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
    Mary, Did You Know?

    "Holiday Greeting"? Merry Christmas.

    Decorate, inside? outside? Inside, but I haven't done much so far this year.

    Do you make a list? If so, how many people are on it? No list. I have over twenty people I have to but for. I have only bought for one so far.

    How up to the last minute do you shop? Every year I am in the stores on Christmas Eve. Then I vow not to do that next year. Then the next year I am back there on Christmas Eve again.

    When do you open your gifts? Christmas Morning.

    Holiday food you most savor? Christmas cookies. I am a sucker for chocolate anything.

    Favorite holiday book? For kids, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. For adults, The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans.

    New Year Resolutions? The same ones as always: go on a diet and finish a novel. Another one I have is to make my yahoo writers group even more fabulous next year than it was this year.

    I will tag Kelly from the blog Heartfelt, Jaime from Fiction Scribe, and Book Worm Addict from Too Many Books, So Little Time.

    Friday, December 15, 2006

    Your Version of the Famous Six Word Story

    Have you heard that Hemingway once wrote a six word story? It was-

    For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

    Well, here is your chance to try and top him. Or, at least, impressive a fellow blogger. There is a contest accepting entries for a six word story. The competetion ends at the end of this year so create fast if you want to get in on it.

    Details here

    Thursday, December 07, 2006

    Skinny Bones

    My NaNoWriMo novel has a beginning, middle and end but the scenes are anorexic, they all need fattening up.

    Some characters have complex emotions and full backgrounds, like Simone, but others, like her fiancee Thomas, are still two demensional. He walks in, says his lines, feels nothing most of the time, and exits left. LOL.

    So I need to overhaul him, make him real and not just a stooge in the Nikolas and Simone love story.

    I introduce all the ideas I want to incorporate ( infertility, obligations, sacrifice, religion) but have not expanded on them to the level I feel I need to yet.

    Hopefully once I do all that I can turn my 50,000 words into 90,000 and then I will be ready to start draft two.

    Last years NaNo novel I did not touch after November 30th. The story had no hope of making it to a publisher's desk but I'm not through with Nikolas and Simone yet. For now, we are in this together, me and them, trudging along and creating a world, a love, a long awaited dream come to life, one page at a time.

    Song Lyrics of the Day

    let mercy fall me...

    take me as You find me

    all my fears and failures

    fill my life again....

    shine your light and

    let the whole world see!

    we're singing

    for the glory

    of the risen King

    Lines from He is Mighty to Save by HillSong

    An excerpt from Nikolas and Simone

    Simone fled from the waiting room after an hour. Hospitals drove her crazy. They were like fun houses in the twilight zone, every where you look another person twisted into an unnatural shape: grief, fear, pain, loss.

    And time moved at a different pace, agonizingly slow when you didn’t know if yourself or your loved one would survive and then like a lightening bolt when the answer came. Thomas didn’t try to stop her when she said she needed coffee. He didn’t say anything, just gave her a blank eyed stared, nodding.

    She sat in the cafeteria, staring at the black liquid swirling in her cup, and tried not to think. The paramedics had jolted Edna, once, twice, finally getting her pulse back, then losing it again. Another jolt and then they were up and running, with her on the stretcher, toward their rig.

    Death had been there, lingering above them like a thunder cloud, threatening to wash away the future they had, like foolish mortals often do, planned out so carefully. The one they thought they were entitled to.