I write to keep me sane. I write so that my words may outlive my life. I write to find redemption

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Writer's Game

The 101 lines story.

Add a line to this story. Once it reaches 100 lines, which may take months, I will add the last line. I may add lines in the middle if the muse strikes me. I will take your line from the comment area and put in the end of the story.

Look for new posts underneath this story.

Her legs were on fire but she couldn't stop running.Her toes bled but she kept on, knowing the danger that hounded her.

Not too far behind, her pursuers seemed to be gaining on her. It was their silence as they followed her that bothered her the most. She'd always thought wolves howled as they hunted, so what was wrong with these animals?

Cate Samson didn't want to die tonight, torn to pieces by these hungry beasts that stalked her. She saw the yellow light streaming from the window of the cottage few paces ahead of her. Torn between the fear of the wolves and the uncertainty of the unknown cottage, Cate quickly chose the less immediate peril.

The cottage window bared a peep into a wild teenage party,Cate slipped in through the backdoor. Unaware of what fate lay ahead, she ventured into the unknown enveloped by darkness; yet in the distance there shone a dim light.

Cate gasped for air, while locking the door behind her, and then rested against it as her eyes swept over the darkened kitchen. She could hear laughter and music coming from the living room.

A party?

Without warning, she heard voices calling out in farewell, a door opening, then sudden screams. Cate ran toward the commotion and came upon a bloody scene of carnage where wolves were attacking teenagers, but as soon as she moved into the room the image disappeared again.

Cate froze, fingers twitching, eyes darting about the eerily empty room. She whirled around, suddenly sure she must be standing in the beam of a hologram projector.

"It's happening again, isn't it?" her boyfriend asked

She opened her mouth, but her voice had vanished - stolen away with the horrific scene. Bewilderment surged over Cate much as water closes over a shipwrecked sailor who cannot swim, and she struggled to keep her mind afloat, her sanity alive.

Daniel moved across the room and placed his hand on her arm, then said "It's getting worse, Catie."

Suddenly there's a flash of lightning, a booming, rolling thunder that sounds like it will never end and silence in pitch darkness after the electricity has gone off. Daniel stumbled forward, his hands reaching but connecting with nothing.

Daniel turned and saw Cate step out of the shadows as she whispered defiantly, "I want to try it again. I think I know how I can change it next time. You have to let me--I know I'll be able control it. I don't want to lose you."

He said the word that even in her bravest moments she didn't dare dwell on-- "Again."

Cate walked over and flipped off the projector. The images fell away, leaving them in a gray walled room in the sub-basement of a nameless- to the masses- government agency. Since those scientists who knew of it could not agree on the precise significance of the effect a team of theoretical physicists had stumbled upon while investigating the possibility of time travel, the Department for Understanding Special Technologies had stepped in.

Writers taking part :

Sara, Susan, Friend of Jaime,Sylver, Wandering Author,Sara again, Nothingman,Sam, Usha, Blu Jewel, Sara twice,Syler, Wandering Author, Sara, Saoirse Redgrave, Wandering Author, Sara, Cesalie Chase, Wandering Author, Sara, Kilroy, Sara, Stargazer, Saoirse. Sara twice, Ray

Thank you to these writers. The story is really shaping into something different than I would write on my own. Loving it so far!

Will you add the next line? One line per writer per day. Play often!

Don't be shy to twist the plot. You control where this goes....

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Wandering Author

My friend and fellow writer has written an amazingly heartfelt post about the serious subject of International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Read it here

This subject is especially close to my heart today because at my church we spent the service praying for Israel. All people should be able to live in peace and safety, and I will continue to pray that one day that will come to be.

Word Count Journal

A member of my writing group let me know about an exciting new blogging format. Read about it here

The idea is to write one word on the first day of the year, two on the second, and so on, then write 365 on the 365th day of the year.

I started a novel to post in that format. It is just a lark for me but so far it's been fun.

The name of my new novel and the blog is Crazy as She Goes.

The premise of that novel will be

Four people hook up on Craigslist and agree to share expenses during a trip from Chicago to LA on Route 66.

Nikolas and Simone remains my first priority. What is your top writing project these days?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back on Track

During December I slacked off on working on my writing. Each year I let that month be reserved for holiday stresses and celebrations.

Now that a new year has begun I am planning to recommit myself to finishing Nikolas and Simone. Later this spring, I may even attempt a Personal NoWriMo. Because The thrill of working so fast and desperately opens up all my creative pathways.

Also this year I want to, for the first time, submit something to a publisher. I have not yet decided if I will focus on a short story or a poem. But I think it is appoarching the time when I enter that realm of trying to become published.

Anyone who has suggestions about publications to submit to, or stories about the first piece of yours that was ever published, can leave me a note in the comments section.

The support of the readers of this blog makes all the difference in the life of this aspiring writer.
I wish all of you luck in pursing your writing dreams in the coming year.