I write to keep me sane. I write so that my words may outlive my life. I write to find redemption

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Craft

Read Ten Tips for Strengthening Your Novel By Wandering Author at

Because long after you know you are a writer, you still have to figure out how to write. My current goal is to keep improving my writing, growing my knowledge, and reveling in the fact that I get to spend my life a servent of this art I love.

Hope you enjoy the article. Stop by this blog if you want to read more from the author

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Time Marches On

In four days this blog will be two years old. I thought of doing a post on that day but with my scattered mind there is a good chance I would blank on it and forget until the day had passed by.

Having this little spot on the net to claim as my own is the first time the fact that I am a writer went from being something only my friends and family heard about to something that was real to the world. Anyone could stumble here and see who I am. That amazes me. It motivates me. It makes my path as a writer seem like it is being laid brick by brick and is not just an undiscovered trail through the woods.

Everyone who comments here keeps me going. You have done me a great kindness to remember to check in on me from time to time. Alone I could never be as strong as I am with you pushing me along.

I am inspired daily by the work I read on other writer's blog. I am not a jealous person when it comes to most things but I love being jealous of what another writer has written. When I think "Damn, I wish I wrote that!" that is the biggest compliment I could give.

So keep writing and going for you dreams, my writing friends. And here I shall be, too, going for mine.



A new poem

Cell Memory

Monday, February 12, 2007

For Your Success

Check out five hints to
Beat Back Writer's Block written by me.

And on Billy the Blogging poet's site there is a poem I wrote

She Will Still Stand

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weird is as weird does

My friend, Wandering Author, tagged me to post about six weird things about myself. Only six, huh? This list is endless. Not that I'd want to tell the world all the details about how profoundly weird I am.

So here are six ways I would label myself as weird:

1. A foodie thing- Ever heard of dipping french fries in a chocolate shake? It's good! Especially if you can get your hands on a Wendy's Frosty.

2. A boob tube thing- Do you have a favorite commercial? At most times in the year I have no clue what commercials are funny or cute because I can not stand to watch them. The only, and I mean only, ones I will willing watch these days are the Geico caveman commercials.

3. A mane thing- I have a fear of hairdressers. After some nightmare inducing experiences as a teen I started to hate to step inside the doors of a salon. Now I don't freak out or have panic attacks or anything over it, and I have found stylists I like, but I still have this fear of walking out of there looking ridiculous and worst of all I paid them to do that to me.

4. A queasy thing- I close my eyes during surgery scenes on TV and movies. I can deal with blood just fine in real life. But when I see doctors sticking their hands inside a person on screen I about lose my lunch. And hospitals over all give me the willies. I would rather go inside a cemetery or funeral home, there is nothing creepy for me at either place, than go to a hospital.

5. A fandom thing- For the last six months I have spent time each day reading fanfic about General Hospital. You have to be a soap opera nut like me to not think that is weird.

6. A writer thing- This is completely normal, imo. But I suspect that people who are not book lovers will find it weird. I could spend an hour in the library just smelling books. They smell like history and hope to me.

I don't like tagging people so if anyone wants to play along feel free. Then mention that you did in the comments and I will add a link to you in this post.

Check out Saoirse Redgrave's list of weird things about her at

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fallen Words

In the mood to read a short story filled with suspensful twists and turns? Then check out the first story by the members of my writing group.

The Wake is a tale about friends who reunite to honor the wishes of one of their own. But when the secrets start to spill from their drunken lips no one can escape the grip the past still has on all their lives.